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George Ayres
George Ayres

Managing Director

“I’ve been interested in the motor industry as long as I can remember. Maybe it was learning to ride a mini-bike at age of 6 that did it for me. Since then I’ve ridden my 1975 Honda CB750F across the US, and been lucky to work for Ford Motor Company in many different roles, including helping to launch the Shelby Cobra GT-500, and for Jaguar Cars both in the UK and the US, where I got to work with great teams building cars like the XKR Silverstone and the all-aluminum XJ. And I’ve led sales at Verizon Telematics, created digital transformation solutions as an IoT leader at IBM, and led partnership development for a connected car start-up. Now at AutoMobility Advisors I get to help our clients scale and build their automotive and mobility solutions, creating opportunities for them with Automakers, Tier 1 suppliers, Enterprise Fleets, EV makers, and New Mobility Ecosystem players. How can we help you?”

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Dan Teeter
Dan Teeter

Advisory Director

Cars and trucks have been in my blood for as long as I can remember! It started with me playing trucks in the sandbox in our back yard, collecting Matchbox cars, building model cars and trucks, and then moving on to subscribing to various car magazines as a teenager and landing a job with Ford right out of college. I’ve been fortunate to work in many areas of the auto business: first in the field calling on dealers where I met George many years ago, and then various headquarters roles such as volume forecasting and strategy. This is also where I learned to apply Six Sigma to transactional business processes and became an expert in market intelligence. The last 8 years have been great too where I got to run a virtual start-up at Nissan in one of the hottest fields there is: Connected Services. I look forward to applying my skills and experience to our AutoMobility Advisors’ clients.

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Hayden Teeter
Hayden Teeter

Head of Market Research

“My name is Hayden Teeter. I am an undergrad at Harvard University concentrating in history. I am also an Air Force ROTC cadet at MIT Detachment 365 aiming to commission as an intelligence officer in the Air Force! When I’m not in school, you can find me playing ultimate frisbee and driving my 2003 Mustang GT convertible!”

Mariestella Colón Astacio
Mariestella Colón Astacio

Creative Director

“I am an artist, Creative Director (25+ years of experience), and Yogi. When I am not in front of a computer I might be teaching yoga or holding on to a paintbrush covered in paint. I am passionate about beauty and great-functioning design. Throughout my career, my design approach and web solutions have been successful in achieving my client’s business and design goals.”

AutoMobility Advisors Team Spotlight

George Ayres

George Ayres, Managing Director of AutoMobility Advisors

George Ayres is the Managing Director of AutoMobility Advisors, a boutique automotive consulting practice serving automotive technology start-ups. Prior to founding AMA in 2021, George was the Executive Vice President of Partnerships at Dallas, TX based start-up Vinli, a connected vehicle services provider for large enterprise fleets. Ayres also served as a Client Partner for Automotive IoT at IBM and the VP Global Sales of Verizon Telematics, now Verizon Connect. And he has also held leadership roles at both Ford Motor Company and Jaguar Cars over a career spanning three decades in the
automotive industry.

George with the new Ford F-150 Lightning
George checking out the new VinFast models at the NY Auto Show 2022

“The automotive industry is constantly changing and there’s a lot of
expansion within the mobility, EV, connected, and autonomous vehicle space
right now,” says Ayres. “My motivation has always been to stay on the leading edge of this high-tech digital transformation, and that’s why I started my own consulting business, to help new technology companies access automotive opportunities and scale up their great ideas.

Combining performance and electric technology, two of George’s passions.
Meeting Electric Vehicle Industry leaders at the NY Auto Show 2022.

George interacting with the VinFast driver information system.

“Beyond automotive, industries from retail to insurance are using mobile technology, geo-location targeting, and micro-personalized data to be even more relevant to their customers,” says Ayres “What these companies want to figure out is how to leverage transportation and vehicle data so they can engage with their customers better and integrate it with the other information they already have. AutoMobility Advisors can help them lead in this space.”

Talking about cars with Chris Feuell, CEO of Chrysler.

George began his career as a motorcycle mechanic, and still has the first motorcycle he bought in high school. He has been interested in the motor industry throughout his life and has worked all over the world, with nearly every automaker and supplier, helping them implement new transformative ideas. George lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife and son, and still likes to ride motorcycles or his mountain bike, relax with a poetry book, or just fish.

George riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Gratuitous Corvette photo, George’s favorite topic.

Dan Teeter

Dan Teeter, Advisory Director of AutoMobility Advisors

Dan Teeter, a leader in automotive connected vehicles and market intelligence, has joined AutoMobility Advisors as Advisory Director. Dan has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry at companies like Ford and Nissan, where he recently led the Connected Vehicles program for North America.

At AMA, Dan will work with AMA clients, automotive start-ups, technology companies, investors, and researchers to help them scale and succeed in the automotive and transportation connectivity, mobility, digitalization, and innovation spaces.

Dan Teeter speaking to the Intelligent Mobility initiative and creating Innovation that Excites at the Hytch Rewards launch at Nissan Stadium

With a background in all facets of Connected Vehicles, Market Intelligence, Six Sigma, Business Transformation, Field Operations, and Business Strategy, Dan brings a wealth of experience and a current OEM perspective to clients for solving the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Dan’s interview at TU Automotive – Detroit

Dan has always looked to do great things such as achieving an industry leader-level satisfaction rating with automotive mobile apps, voice assistant integrations, and connectivity feature offerings. In fact, Dan did some of the earliest research at Ford on customer acceptance of hybrid electric vehicles, Bluetooth, and connected vehicle technologies. George Ayres, Managing Director of AutoMobility Advisors said, “Dan brings terrific energy and solid experience in mobility, connectivity, and customer experience research to the AMA team and will help stimulate our clients to their own greatness as they scale and grow their business.”

Dan Teeter, Director of Vehicle Connected Services for Nissan sharing insight with Brentwood Home Page on the partnership between Nissan and Hytch.
Dan at CES 2017

Dan Teeter said, “I’ve known George since the 1990s and look forward to helping him and the AutoMobility Advisors team, and most importantly, our clients, develop new opportunities and create strategies that help lead the way in the automotive industry.”

Dan has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Go Quakers! Go Blue! Dan is a dedicated husband and he and his wife are the proud parents of two sons. Dan loves spending quality time watching their kids play Ultimate Frisbee for their respective high school and college teams. Before embarking on his automotive career, Dan thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine on his first-ever backpacking trip: Proving once and for all that it is possible to succeed if you have a positive attitude and take things one step at a time!

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