MOVE America: Keynote by Witricity’s CEO Alex Gruzen

One of the presentations that stood out was a keynote by Witricity’s CEO Alex Gruzen.
In his presentation, he spoke about the future of mobility as he envisions it, and it’s wireless.

Wireless charging solutions are rapidly becoming a high priority in our quest to integrate them seamlessly into the infrastructure of our cities and homes. Witricity, a pioneer in this field since 2007, has been at the forefront of this transformation.

From their integration with OEMs in 2012 to the upcoming 5th generation, the journey has been noteworthy.

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The vision is clear: Passive charging through wireless infrastructure, creating an “energy cloud” that forms a virtual fleet of predictable wireless energy availability. This concept brings limitless range for consumers and opens doors to virtual power plans for utilities, enhancing the overall consumer experience and unlocking revenue opportunities across the network.

Witricity’s V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) ready product qualification and fast-track retrofit OEM integration in just 90 days pave the way for full-scale mass production in 3-4 years.

As we move towards a more electrified future, Witricity’s focus on making eMobility easy and efficient, if it realizes will perhaps someday soon, become an integral part of our everyday lives.

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Panel discussion at MOVE America: The Strategic Supply Chain

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The panel discussions and presentations at MOVE America have been incredibly insightful. Today, I started the day with: “The Strategic Supply Chain” Panel Discussion.

Moderated by Liz Kerton, Executive Director of AutoTech Council, the panel featured:

Amir Tirosh, COO of StoreDot Ltd
Genevieve Cullen, President of Electric Drive Transportation Association
Ryan Castilloux, Managing Director of Adamas Intelligence

The discussion tackled infrastructure challenges in Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption. Did you know that 80% of charging takes place at home and work?

Key takeaways included the importance of localizing battery manufacturing, addressing raw material supply chain challenges, and diversifying the supply chain. The Inflation Reduction Act is set to boost EV adoption in the USA, driven by national and state policies.

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Ryan Castilloux stressed the need for supply chain redundancy and an open attitude toward startups and new technologies.

Amir Tirosh, emphasized fast charging and fleet considerations also play a vital role in EV infrastructure landscape.

As the discussion concluded, a prevailing sense of optimism emerged among all panelists. Despite the challenges, there was a strong belief that new technologies and innovation will be the driving forces shaping the future of Electric Vehicles (EVs). The question is no longer “if” but rather “how fast” the transition to electrification will occur, and this pace, particularly in the USA, hinges largely on local government politics.

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MOVE America: Keynote presentation by Amir Tirosh, CEO of StoreDot

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I recently had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Amir Tirosh, CEO of StoreDot, where he shared insights about the company and its innovative solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). Scaling up EVs is indeed a challenge, particularly when it comes to infrastructure. However, StoreDot is on the forefront of addressing this challenge.

StoreDot has engineered EV batteries that are not only faster to recharge but also safer and more sustainable, according to StoreDot. Their technology leverages patented organic nanomaterials, fine-tuned through AI, and is ready for mass production in high-energy cells.

They’re introducing EV battery technology that fills a crucial gap in the ecosystem, collaborating with top-tier manufacturers and infrastructure firms to make it a reality.

This journey towards ultra-fast charging and high-energy density batteries spans a decade and involves a cohesive team of 35 PhDs with expertise across multiple fields. Their dedication to changing the world through innovations like “Range on Demand” is inspiring.

It’s clear that if StoreDot’s proposals prove true, they could be transformative in the near term, revolutionizing the landscape of electric mobility. I’m excited to see where their technology takes us.

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Panel at MOVE America: Connectivity and Integration: How we move and how we groove

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Engaging panel at MOVE America with panelists:

John Kwant, Executive Director, 5G Automotive Association (5GAA)
Sylvano Carrasco, VP of Connected Cars and Partnerships, Getaround
Jason JonMichael, Senior Strategist, USDOT Research and Technology
Jeffrey Decoux, Chairman, Autonomy Fellow, Autonomy Institute
Michele Mueller, Michigan DOT Department of Transportation

The discussion covered topics such as inductive charging roadways, autonomous lane engines, and the role of technology in reducing road accidents.

Sylvano Carrasco posed a crucial question about the impact of autonomous vehicles will depend, whether autonomous cars are owned by corporate giants like Google or they are privately owned. Regardless, with platforms like Getaround consumers can transition away from car ownership, offering on-demand access to vehicles that are both instant and convenient. Providing a crucial connecting resource for the transition in vehicle utilization for the future.

Michele Mueller emphasized the DOT’s vision for a multimodal future, focusing on safety and sustainability leveraging new technologies and startups as a partners in innovation.

Connectivity emerged as a crucial theme throughout the conversation, with a call to learn from other industries, particularly the aviation sector’s transformation in the 1970s.

The panel also highlighted Michigan’s pivotal role in future transportation implementation, emphasizing partnerships with startups and inclusive infrastructure development with local municipalities and networks.

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Panel at MOVE America: How edge computing is changing connected vehicle capability

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I just attended a fantastic Panel Discussion on “How edge computing is changing connected vehicle capability“ at #MOVEAmerica.

The panel featured industry leaders:
Bob Rapp, Technical Fellow / AI Architect, Envorso
Craig Lozofsky, Chief Operating Officer, MOTER Technologies
Siddharth Shah, Vice President of Engineering, Canoo
Ken Johnston, CEO, Autonomic

A few topics the panel focused were
Sensing Dangerous Conditions through data management: The conversation highlighted how advanced sensors and data analysis can proactively detect and respond to hazardous road conditions and unforeseen weather events, contributing significantly to overall vehicle safety.
Collision Avoidance: they discussed the role of autonomous features and technology in accident prevention through real-time data processing, adaptive braking systems, and collision detection mechanisms.
As well as the use of data to identify potential vehicle issues preemptively, reducing the need for extensive recalls and enhancing consumer safety.

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The discussion extended to the significance of the current telematics systems in gathering and transmitting data for vehicle monitoring, diagnostics, and performance optimization. Underpinning these transformative discussions was the pivotal role of edge computing. It became evident that edge computing, with its real-time data processing capabilities at the source, is instrumental in driving dynamic clustering data. This, in turn, empowered the creation of predictive analytics models, revolutionizing the insurance sector and offering innovative solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

In essence, this panel discussion shed light on how cutting-edge technology, led by data-driven insights and edge computing, is reshaping the transportation industry. Having the potential to make transportation safer, more efficient, and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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Spotlight interview: featuring Craig Lozofsky of MOTER

Check out our Spotlight interview by George Ayres, featuring Craig Lozofsky, Chief Operating Officer at MOTER Technologies.

MOTER Technologies operates as an edge-computing based data science platform tailored for connected car data. Their products are strategically designed to leverage the extensive data generated by modern vehicles and sensors. One key feature of MOTER’s technology, individuals privacy and user information is protected while assessing risk and managing data assets. MOTER’s commitment to harnessing data for innovative solutions is the key for safer and more efficient transportation.

Conversations with professionals like Craig give invaluable insights into industry developments and trends.

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Great insights at MOVE America’s investment strategies panel!

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The panelists were:
Bob Bennett from Cities Today
Emily Yates from Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
Thomas Bartholomew of the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
Baris Guzel from BMW i Ventures
Morteza Farajian from the Build America Bureau at the U.S. Department of Transportation

The panel highlighted the imperative need to expedite the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Deliberations centered on investment prospects within the EV ecosystem, encompassing infrastructure development, charging network expansion, and the alignment of these initiatives with sustainability objectives.

Yates underscored the importance of creating transportation systems that are inclusive for all individuals. Detailed discussions ensued regarding investment strategies aimed at enhancing accessibility, catering to the needs of people with disabilities, low-income communities, and underserved regions.

Guzel highlighted the potential for domestic battery production, and investment opportunities within the United States’ battery manufacturing sector. This discussion underscored the critical role such investments play in securing the future of sustainable transportation.

As the discussion went it was clear: the future in mobility is collaborative and #Multimodal

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MOVE America 2023

Here we go! Early at #MOVEAmerica first things first, already met with Craig Lozofsky of MOTER Technologies. And what is an event without a great cup of coffee? Thank you to the good people at Aon for a great first cup!☕️ 🙏George Ayres

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Practically the first to arrive at #MOVEAmerica2023

Meeting up with fellow early-riser Craig Lozofsky of MOTER

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The good (and smart) people at Aon offering a fabulous cup of coffee at MOVE

Spotlight on Tech Start-Ups

With MOVE 2023 just around the corner and MOVE America drawing near, our team at AutoMobility Advisors is preparing for a trip to Austin, Texas. This event, starting Sept 26th next week, is set to become a gathering point for professionals in the mobility and transportation industry. AMA will not miss the opportunity!

One of the key focal points at MOVE America will be the presence of tech start-ups. These companies play a vital role in shaping the future of mobility with their innovative solutions and technologies.

Tech start-ups have become significant contributors to the mobility sector in recent years. Their innovative ideas span from electric and autonomous vehicles to smart infrastructure and mobility applications. At MOVE America, these start-ups will have a platform to showcase their innovations and foster collaboration.

Our team recognizes the importance of these emerging companies in driving innovation within the industry. Their agility and fresh perspectives challenge the status quo, pushing for advancements in mobility solutions. AutoMobility Advisors’ primary objective at MOVE America is to connect with industry peers, gain insights, and explore potential partnerships.

We understand that the future of mobility will require collaboration, innovation, and adaptability. MOVE America provides an ideal environment for networking and sharing expertise within the industry. As we prepare for our visit to MOVE America, we are excited about the opportunities it presents. We anticipate engaging in discussions with industry leaders, sharing our experiences, and contributing to the collective effort to redefine transportation.

Stay tuned for updates and insights from MOVE America 2023 as we delve into the discussions, innovations, and partnerships that will shape the future of mobility and transportation.

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