About us

What We Do

AutoMobility Advisors guides automotive technology companies, investors, and research organizations through the growing maze of options and opportunities within the changing landscape of automotive mobility, connected services, and automotive digital transformation. We can help you create a strategy roadmap, generate new business partnerships for you, expand your Business Development efforts and results,  Take your product to market and drive monetization and help you attract more attention and interest within the Automotive Industry.

Areas of Focus

We can help you and your business across a variety of areas, including Product Planning, Sales Management, and Business Development, Business model/Monetization, Marketing and Pricing, and Aftersales functions such as Service, Parts, and Customer Handling. 

Our Experience

Our team has many years of experience within Automotive, Connected Vehicle Services, Mobility, Fleet Management, Go to Market and System Integration. And we understand both the “way it has been” and the “way it’s going to be” within automotive during this transformative shift to software-defined vehicles. We can help guide your strategy. 


Our leadership has worked with many companies over the years, in automotive, mobility, and connected services. We’ve created agreements with global telecoms, automotive OEMs, Tech giants of FAAMG (and BAT in China), Insurance companies, and third-party solutions providers. Our relationships are deep and lasting, and we can help you shape your strategy and inform your product development as well as connect to the right people in these companies to grow your business. 

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