We need to talk about Tesla’s deadly problem

This issue is not covered well enough in the industry press.

As a motorcyclist myself, and someone working to help improve the tech underlying vehicle “perception” and therefore reaction to seeing motorcycles on the road, we need to look more closely at all road users. In a future of Automated Driving that includes EV powered Pods continuously circulating, there will still be some who choose to ride 2 wheels. Autonomous cars that can’t see motorcycles is not acceptable. Thank goodness there are companies like BlueFusion helping to improve how vehicles see in all conditions. https://lnkd.in/ghbjk55D

I support the AMA’s good work educating automakers, autonomous driving technology companies, and the public about this issue, and will continue to do so. #cars #autonomousvehicles #autonomousdriving #adas #motorcycles #safety #tech # #future